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Unboxing Your Business Formation Kit

Your official state documents will be delivered in high quality and professional kit with
your company name stamped along the spine of the book.

Common questions about Business Formation Kit

How long will it take to receive my Kit?

All kits are mailed next day using FedEx ground shipping and will typically arrive anywhere in the continental United States within 3 to 4 business days.

What is a corporate seal?

A corporate seal is a customized embossing stamp that contains the name, date and state of formation of your company. It is used to create a raised emblem on paper documents. It is typically used on company documents to mark them as official. The Corporate Seal is included in the Business Formation Kit.

What is the customized Kit?

The Business Formation Kit is a professional binder enclosed in a matching slipcase, customized with the name of your company on the spine insert. It comes with a metal die-cast corporate embossing seal with its own carrying pouch, customized with the name of your company and the date and state of formation. It has a set of 6 Mylar Reinforced Index Tabs, 20 custom printed stock or membership certificates with 20 full-page stubs.

Is a corporate seal a requirement?

While we believe that every corporation should have this accessory, the corporate seal is not a requirement in every state, either by law or by IncFile. It is, however, a valuable item to have in one’s hands when the legitimacy and formality of your company need to be expressed. In some jurisdictions, a corporate Seal can be required to open a company bank account. Check with your particular secretary of state for any possibility that a corporate seal will be required in your locale.