3 Ways Small Businesses Can Compete for Top Talent

How Small Businesses Can Compete for Top Talent

Being a fresh hand in the marketplace is always a challenge for small businesses. To compete for top talent or against large brands. To reach out the top talent a lot of small business need time and internal resources. It is not easy to get talented professionals putting their efforts in a start-up or a small business.

Even if you hire an HR person, who is completely strapped for time so the recruiting process becomes an afterthought. Maybe after some time he/she manages to get in touch with the right people, they try to offer them a compensation structure that shows the company is trying to pinch as much as possible and top talent will see right through that. This is the type of recruiting which is very reactive and won’t produce talent at all.

Playing up their unique strengths should be more focused on small business. Forming relationships with candidates, promoting their company culture and perks, and offering the opportunity to make a direct impact on a company is all things small companies can offer, large companies lack the ability to do so. Keep reading to learn how to implement these strategies and hire the best candidate for your position.

Here are 3 Ways Small Businesses Can Compete for Top Talent:

Reach out for best candidates

In order to reach out for the best candidates, you need to be proactive on LinkedIn and create connections for future potential hires. It is necessary for small business to be hands on big guys (professionals). Forming a relationship with the candidates during the recruiting process by giving them updates about what is going on throughout the process and check in with them even if you don’t have any new information.

Candidates should have an interview with the executives at the company. They will most likely be working very closely with them anyways, but it also shows the candidate that they’re valued enough for the CEO or VP to take the time to speak with them. A creative approach to reaching out to the top talent like networking events, referral programs, social media, job boards, postings, direct solicitation is much needed in small business.

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Offer company perks

It is a great way for a small business to attract top talent by promoting company culture and perks. Being a small business it is not possible to offer a fully stocked employee cafeteria or rooms, you can still talk about your own perks like a 1-time meal or working from home twice a week or maybe do monthly team events where you go to happy hour or volunteer together. Company perks don’t have to be big and flashy as long as they are attractive to the type of employees you’re trying to recruit.

Identify employment brand

Most of the expanded companies have strict rules about how employees can communicate with the public about the company. This is to maintain the brand’s value Smaller businesses should follow this lead. Especially when it comes to recruiting. It’s important to use current employees as brand ambassadors. By providing them with adequate information about the brand, employee expectations, milestones, and other internal initiatives. This includes detailing specific skill-set requirements and standard use of every area of operations.

HR managers should also work closely with marketing and PR colleagues to communicate a clear, strong employment brand. Through advertising, job postings, the press, social media, and other outlets. Because of that, Incoming recruits and candidates already have an accurate and consistent perception of the business before walking through the door. The value of a brand must not be diluted by outside influences.


To compete for the best talent, a business must focus on its own strength. In a small business, every single hire is so critical that each new employee added has the potential to affect the bottom line. Make sure you hire the most talented person for your company. By promoting the unique benefits of working at a small business.

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