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Patent Filing

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What is Patent Filing?

A legal document Filed under United States Patent Law in The United States Patent and Trademark office (UPSTO) is called Provisional application. Provisional application establishes an early filing date, but does not mature into an issued patent. For that an applicant has to file a regular non-provisional patent application within one year. Thing as a Provisional Patent does not exit.

It includes a specification but does not require formal Patent claims, inventors’ declarations or oaths or any IDS (Information Disclosure Statement). By filling the application, it will establish an early effective filing date in one or more continuing patent application later claiming the priority date of an invention disclosed in earlier provisional applications by one or more of the same inventors.

Procedure for Patent Filing

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Frequently asked questions

NO! It cannot claim priority or benefit from any other application. Just like a regular utility patent application, the provisional application will be granted a filing date. It will be automatically abandoned within one year and never become a patent.
A provisional application is a quick and inexpensive way for inventors to establish a U.S. filing date for their invention, which can be claimed in a later filed non-provisional application.
For the design patents, Provisional applications may not be filed by an applicant. When it comes to previously-filed application, either foreign or domestic- Provisional application cannot claim the benefit.
Provisional Patent application remain pending at US as they are not examined and cannot be published. Provisional patent applications automatically becomes abandoned after 12 months. Therefore, it will never be published.
No! It cannot be renewed as it lasts for 12 months. To keep the filing date of provisional patent, you must file a non-provisional patent application before 12 months.